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Become a security intelligence expert, with these free tools from Recorded Future

Graham Cluely Security Blog - 53 min 44 sec ago
Many thanks to the great folks at Recorded Future, who have sponsored my writing for the past week. If 2020 taught the security industry anything, it is this: There has never been a better time to be a cybercriminal. From extortion ransomware to cyberespionage campaigns, adversaries are capitalizing on uncertainty, causing chaos, and cashing in. … Continue reading "Become a security intelligence expert, with these free tools from Recorded Future"
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Make a Pledge for EFF Through CFC Today!

EFF - 1 hour 21 min ago

The pledge period for the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is underway and EFF needs your help! Last year, U.S. government employees raised over $19,000 for EFF through the CFC, helping us fight for privacy, free speech, and security on the Internet so that we can help create a better digital future.

The Combined Federal Campaign is the world's largest and most successful annual charity campaign for U.S. federal employees and retirees. Since its inception in 1961, the CFC fundraiser has raised more than $8.4 billion for local, national, and international charities. This year's campaign runs from September 21 to January 15, 2021. Be sure to make your pledge before the campaign ends!

U.S. government employees can give to EFF by going to GiveCFC.org and clicking DONATE to give via payroll deduction, credit/debit, or an e-check! Be sure to use our CFC ID #10437. You can also scan the QR code below! 

Even though EFF is celebrating its 30th anniversary, we're still fighting hard to protect online privacy, free expression, and innovation. We've made significant steps towards Internet freedom, including leading the call to reject the EARN-IT bill, which threatens to break encryption and undermine free speech online; keeping track of how COVID-19 is affecting digital rights around the world; and we even mobilized over 800 nonprofits and 64,000 individuals to stop the sale of the entire .ORG registry to a private equity firm.

Government employees have a tremendous impact on the shape of our democracy and the future of civil liberties and human rights online. Become an EFF member today by using our CFC ID #10437 when you make a pledge!

Microsoft Introduces Device Vulnerability Report in Defender for Endpoint

Security Week - 1 hour 25 min ago

Microsoft this week announced the availability of a new vulnerability management report in Microsoft Defender, to provide information on vulnerable devices.

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Unilever CISO on balancing business risks with cybersecurity

Imagine showing up to work every day knowing that your job requires protecting 160,000 employees creating more than 450 products around the world—tea, ice cream, personal care, laundry and dish soaps—across a customer base of more than two and a half billion people every day. Unilever Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Bobby Ford embraces the challenge, summing up his proactive approach this way: “I believe the responsibility of our group—the cybersecurity risk management group—is to enable the business to take risks.”

In this episode of “The Shiproom” I talk with Bobby about striking that balance between risk versus business needs, along with some of his strategies for protecting Unilever’s global workforce. We also discuss the ongoing challenges of communication and collaboration between the business and security sides of an organization. “I’m not the captain of the ‘no’ police,” Bobby explains. “Recognizing that the organization has to take risks—that’s what it means to be in business.”

On managing those risks, Bobby provides a useful metaphor: “For me, a mature cybersecurity strategy happens at the intersection of business intelligence and threat intelligence.” We discuss what constitutes threat intelligence, and why it’s important to maintain an ongoing conversation between business and security—so that decisions aren’t made in a vacuum.

Bobby also addresses the importance of diversity in the workplace, including “diversity of thought” and why a diverse workforce makes for better security. “The simplest answer is that the adversary is diverse. It’s hard to combat and defend against a diverse opponent when you lack diversity [on your team].”

We also discuss British food, arm wrestling, the Queen, shampoo, quesadillas, wombats, and more. Check out the whole discussion on:

What’s next

In an upcoming Shiproom episode, I’ll talk with Kurt John, CISO at Siemens USA. Kurt is listed in Security Magazine’s top 10 most influential cybersecurity leaders, and he’s a board member of the Virginia Innovation Partnership Authority tasked with enhancing Virginia’s tech-based economy. Kurt also serves on a special cybersecurity committee organized by the Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations. Don’t miss it.

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How to Increase Voter Turnout & Reduce Fraud

Digital identity verification has advanced, both technologically and legislatively. Is it the answer to simpler, safer voting?
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How to Increase Voter Turnout & Reduce Fraud

Dark Reading Attacks and Breaches - 1 hour 26 min ago
Digital identity verification has advanced, both technologically and legislatively. Is it the answer to simpler, safer voting?
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The Nespresso by Breville espresso maker with milk frother is on sale for $100 (save $150) - CNET

CNET Feed - 1 hour 27 min ago
Genuinely good single-serve espresso has rarely been this affordable. Plus: One of the best laptop deals I've ever seen.
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Verizon's 5G Home is expanding to parts of Atlanta, Dallas, Denver and San Jose - CNET

CNET Feed - 1 hour 34 min ago
The 5G home internet alternative is will soon be available in parts of 12 cities.
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AT&T to offer Pixel 5 and 4A 5G for heavy discounts next month - CNET

CNET Feed - 1 hour 46 min ago
With an eligible trade-in, you could get $425 off the new Pixel 5 in November, among other deals.
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