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Ask HN: Which ad networks do you recommend?

Hacker News - 42 min 5 sec ago

Dear HN users,

I'm thinking about monetizing mobile apps through ads (with the option to buy them away) and I'm wondering which reputable ad networks are out there, as I only know of Googles Ad Mob. Main target platform would be Android.

Thanks in advance!

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The Dark Side of Smart

Hacker News - 42 min 24 sec ago
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Ask HN: Technology Reasons for Snowflake Hype?

Hacker News - 44 min 16 sec ago

I’m trying to understand the SNOW IPO from a product perspective - what is driving the interest that is not related to stock price growth (a unicorn)?

I have tested the platform a bit in a trial, and it is interesting, but comparing BigQuery and RedShift I’m missing what makes it stand out justifying its market valuation.

Has anyone used at least two of these platforms and can speak to specific features or capabilities?

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Ask HN:Interesting things you built using Python

Hacker News - 47 min 5 sec ago

As a Python programmer what are some interesting things you have worked on or built using python

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Debugging Next.js

Hacker News - 53 min 59 sec ago
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