The mysterious monoliths in Utah and Romania: Everything we know so far - CNET

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The mystery has captured the attention of conspiracy theorists, but what do we really know about it?
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Best Apple HomeKit devices of 2020: August, Ecobee, Eufy and more - CNET

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Ready to build a smart home run by Siri? These are our top picks for a Siri and HomeKit-controlled abode.
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Hyundai, Kia and Genesis' electric futures ride atop the E-GMP platform - Roadshow

CNET Feed - 3 hours 14 min ago
Hyundai Motor Group's new modular architecture will underpin 23 new battery-electric models in the next five years, including models for Kia and Genesis.
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The best holiday gifts under $100 for 2020 - CNET

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Looking for an affordable gift this holiday buying season? Here's a great lineup of gift ideas to help stretch your Benjamin.
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See Jim Carrey as the Joker in new deepfake - CNET

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Because Joaquin Phoenix's version wasn't disturbing enough.
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2021 Jaguar F-Pace SVR looks better than ever - Roadshow

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This very loud and very fast SUV gets design tweaks that actually improved performance.
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2021 Jaguar F-Pace SVR gets racier looks and a higher top speed - Roadshow

CNET Feed - 3 hours 58 min ago
Jag's highest-performance crossover also gains a much-needed infotainment update.
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What is cultured meat and where can you try it? - CNET

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Try Singapore, where the company behind Just Egg is launching cultured chicken.
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Amazon says 2020 holiday shopping season is its biggest yet - CNET

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Independent businesses on the platform are "seeing record demand," the e-commerce giant said.
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Ripley's offers $10K reward for the mysterious missing Utah monolith - CNET

CNET Feed - 4 hours 11 min ago
If you can figure out where the metal monolith from Utah disappeared to, you could end up earning some serious money.
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How to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas for free on broadcast TV - CNET

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You don't need an Apple TV Plus subscription to tune in to the classic holiday tale.
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EV powersports startup Volcon announces pricing for Stag and Beast side-by-sides - Roadshow

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It's also opening itself up to public investment via crowdfunding platform WeFunder.
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Samsung rumored to be developing a new smart tag - CNET

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The rumored Galaxy Smart Tag could include SmartThings software.
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The history of New Year's resolutions and celebrations - CNET

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Ancient Egyptians toasted to the New Year long before we did.
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Virgin Orbit will try again to blast LauncherOne to space before Christmas - CNET

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The first attempt in May failed to make orbit. This time the stakes are higher, with (nonhuman) passengers on board.
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Osmo, an educational game for tablets with real-world game pieces, is now 44% off - CNET

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Kids 6 to 10 years old can learn math, spelling and more with game pieces that come to life on the screen.
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Waymo self-driving cars set out for Ohio snow at new testing facility - Roadshow

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Through a partnership with TRC, the new facility will provide more weather scenarios and complex situations.
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Salesforce to acquire Slack for nearly $28 billion - CNET

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With the cash and stock deal, the messaging platform will be "deeply integrated into every Salesforce Cloud," the companies say.
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Volkswagen Group tasks ex-Porsche 919 Hybrid engineer with beating Tesla at its own game - Roadshow

CNET Feed - 6 hours 16 min ago
The engineer, Alexander Hitzinger, has been working on self-driving cars at VW.
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Get this deep tissue percussion massage gun for just $29 - CNET

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This six-speed percussive massage gun costs less than a take-out dinner for two but can offer some welcome muscle relief.
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