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Updated: 49 min 30 sec ago

Ask HN: How to data collect to understand product usage

9 hours 21 min ago

Hi there, I just moved into a product management role after a stint of 18+ years in development in the devops space.

I have taken over a product which is close to 10 years old, it has a lot of interesting features which catered to the on premise needs. But I feel some of these features are not used by customers anymore. Currently I want to do a couple of things to improve the product's usability and also move it into the cloud. For this process, I need to collect data on feature usage by our customers. I would like to capture information like 1. What is the most used feature grouped by customer 2. What is the least used feature of the product a. Can I depreciate this feature so that I can reduce the maintenance overhead 3. What is the path(workflow) a user takes to use a particular feature. a. What is the most used entry point for using a feature b. Is there any default values or other aspects which will make things easy for the user.

Are there any tools which would help me collect this information? Are there any articles/references for understanding how people do this and any information on their experiences ?

Rgds, Siva.

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