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How Apple’s AirTag turns us into unwitting spies in a vast surveillance network

Guardian Security - Sun, 05/16/2021 - 9:33pm

The tech giant says it has security safeguards in place. But these tracking devices can be hacked and put to other nefarious purposes

Apple has launched the latest version of its operating system, iOS 14.5, which features the much-anticipated app tracking transparency function, bolstering the tech giant’s privacy credentials.

But iOS 14.5 also introduced support for the new Apple AirTag, which risks doing the opposite.

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Being around someone with an AirTag is *very* annoying

A security researcher has found out the microcontroller inside Apple's #AirTag can be reprogrammed, opening the door to AirTag modifications and potential malicious uses.

Amazon Sidewalk could help extend the reach of your Wi-Fi, but the company's data-collection habits may outweigh the feature's benefits.

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Government agencies could access personal data without consent under new bill

Guardian Security - Fri, 04/30/2021 - 4:00pm

Privacy advocates fear Coalition’s proposed data-sharing law could allow for robodebt-style tactics

Australians’ personal information could be accessed by government agencies and researchers without their consent under proposed data-sharing legislation that critics say could pave the way for more robodebt-style tactics.

In a speech at an Australian Financial Review conference this week, the former government services minister Stuart Robert said it wasn’t his job to make government “sexy”, but make it simple.

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People with dyslexia have skills that we need, says GCHQ

Guardian Security - Thu, 04/29/2021 - 2:00pm

UK surveillance agency says it has long valued neuro-diverse analysts – including Alan Turing

Apprentices on GCHQ’s scheme are four times more likely to have dyslexia than those on other organisations’ programmes, the agency has said, the result of a drive to recruit those whose brains process information differently.

GCHQ says those with dyslexia have valuable skills spotting patterns that others miss – a key area the spy agency wants to encourage as it pivots away from dead letter drops and bugging towards high-tech cybersecurity and data analysis.

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Signal founder: I hacked police phone-cracking tool Cellebrite

Guardian Security - Thu, 04/22/2021 - 12:33pm

Moxie Marlinspike accuses surveillance firm of being ‘linked to persecution’ around the world

The CEO of the messaging app Signal claims to have hacked the phone-cracking tools used by police in Britain and around the world to extract information from seized devices.

In an online post, Moxie Marlinspike, the security researcher who founded Signal in 2013, detailed a series of vulnerabilities in the surveillance devices, made by the Israeli company Cellebrite.

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