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Quantum Algorithm Zoo

Hacker News - 35 min 16 sec ago

Article URL: https://quantumalgorithmzoo.org/

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“Those aren’t my kids!” – Eufy camera owners report video mixups

Naked Security - 43 min 28 sec ago
Hey, that's not my kitchen! Those aren't my kids! And that dreadful wallpaper's certainly not mine!
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Vpiper on Substack

Hacker News - 48 min 50 sec ago
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Ask HN: How to get started with audio programming?

Hacker News - 54 min 6 sec ago

I have played with OpenAL-soft [0] and libsndfile [1] to make a simple music player. It works fine but I want to learn the deeper concepts behind how computer audio works. I am a CS student and I know C/C++, Python, and high school mathematics. I came across 'The Audio Programming Book' [2] which seems suited for my level. Can you recommend me some more related resources?

[0] https://openal-soft.org/

[1] http://www.mega-nerd.com/libsndfile/

[2] https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/audio-programming-book

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